​​Lis Engel contemporary artist


I am autodidact in painting working mainly with the abstract and the fantastic. These two ways are for me a continuum where I move in-between realities of the figurative, the symbolic, the poetic and the abstract searching ways to communicate experiences of the sublime.

I have studied somatic and classical drawing and painting techniques, art history and performance art at the University of Copenhagen and have participated in art workshops in Seattle, New York and London. I am educated cand.scient, phd from the University of Copenhagen where I have been teaching and researching in performance and body-mind arts and sciences with a special interest for modern phenomenology.

I was introduced to oil painting at 12 and here I got my first deep experience of the power of pure color. I can still remember the intense, transformative feeling that hit me when I opened the beautiful artistic oil colors – and this intense interest in color has never left me –It is still an intens interest of mine. I have continued to study many theories and techniques of color, both as an artist and as a researcher, where I have studies color meditation as energy transforming techniques. Color and color experience may change the feeling of lived body, lived space and lived meaning.

My inspiration comes from many sources : from nature, where especially place, sound, light and movement is my focus. Beside place I am also very much inspired from art, music, poetry and litterature. I see life and art as intertwined opening into deep experiences of transformative energies. My art is always about sharing experiences of significance.

“I see art as a way of life - interweaving place, light, sound, movement as a dance with action, faith, hope and love. I see this as intense transformational practices of life – and art.”(lis engel, contemporary artist)

Invited and censured exhibitions:

  • Premio Internatzonale Michelangelo 2019, for the artistic talent manifested, testimony of great creativity.
  • International Caravaggio Prize 2019.
  • Museum of Women Artists, www.artaddiction.net, 2016.
  • Contemporay Uffizi – Ximènes–Panciachi Palace (Contemporanei nella città degli) UFFIZI, 2016.
  • Art Exhibition in Naples Castel dell´Ovo (Egg Castle) 22-24 June, 2016, in “Le carceri” (the prisons) inside the castle with the publication/event “Segnalati” by Salvatore Russo.
  • Biennale Riviera del Brenta february, 2016.
  • Vienna, Palais Sternberg, The best Modern and Contemporary Artists, 19th nov, 2016.
  • Solo exhibition at International Gallery Marziart, Hamburg, dec 2014-jan 2015.
  • “The World is Yours”. Marzia Frozen Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Berlin, july 18-august 14, 2015. www.marziafrozen.com
  • Dundas Street Gallery, I Segnalati in EDINBURGH, Scotland,14-16 november, 2015.
  • Galleria La Pigna, Roma, Palazzo Pontificio Maffei Marescotti, Via della Pigna 13/a 00186 Roma, 2015(Fra Tradizione E Innovazione, La Vita E I Suoi Misteri 11-20 aprile)- Associazione Culturale “Napoli Nostra” (www.napolinostra.com)
  • Biennale Chianciano, Art Museum of Chianciano, 5 sept-13 september, 2015.
  • Art Expo, Future Memories, Venice, Italy, 18 august-29 august, 2015.
  • "Salon Gustave Eiffel"- La Grande Exposition Universelle 2014, curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.
  • L´Agostiniana Galleria, Piazza del Popolo, Rome, nominated as a candidate to Leonardo meets Canova, 16-29 aprile, 2014, with two paintings “paradise 1, 2”.
  • 1st Italian Biennale of Creativity, Palaexpo, Verona 2014, represented with two paintings “The Path to Tihar” and “Angel of Light”.
  • Cavalieri di Malta O.S.J. Club Casino Maltese, , La Valetta, 19-25 luglio, 2014.
  • Monreale Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Sicily, 2014 – invited as a candidate to the 1. Trinacria Award 2014 with the painting “In-between heaven& earth”.
  • Galleria Tondinelli, invited as a representative for Denmark by Curator Floriana Tondinelli and art professor Aldo G. Jatosti to the Nordic Exhibition "Roses, Gardens and Ancient Symbols" Rome 2013, supported by the Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish Ambassady.
  • Firenze Biennalen, 2011.
  • Gallery Broadway, New York, 2011.
  • Nyart Beijing Project, 2011.
  • Museum of Americas 2011.

Exhibitions in Denmark

Solo exhibitions Mørdrup Kirke, Strandmarkens Kirke, Humlebæk, Nykredit, Helsingør, mange kunstforeninger og gruppeudstillinger, Galleri 22, Galleri Mississippi, kunstforeninger m.m.

Contact info and links:

Studio-Galerie Engel

Toeltvej 39 A

3050 Humlebæk, Denmark

mobile +45 31 68 90 13

mail: lengel@nexs.ku.dk






Salvatore Russo, Italian Art Historian and Crtic, 2016. “The works of the contemporary artist Lis Engel are real poetic wisapers. Works dancing in space, and which are characterized by the chromatic refinement and a great power of sign. Works that tell the feelings of deep experience in a way I would describe as sublime. They seduce the eyes and open into dreaming states of realities. The visual art of Lis Engel don´t need to scream to be heard. The refined texture and the sensitive language make such works real masterpieces intended to remain in time.”

Karen Lappon, International Confedration of Art Critics, Chianciano Art Museum:

“The works of Lis Engel trsansport the observer into a world of dreams. The artist portrayes oneiric realities that have the appearance of new paradises. With great technical ability. Lis Engel speaks to us of her visions – The refined texture and the erudite language make such works, real masterpieces, free of external constraints, intended to remain in time (Salvatore Russo, Italian art Historian and art critic and curator, Segnalati, 2016)

Lis Engel is a wonderful self-taught painter: Her works are characterized by the purely impressionistic nature that derives from her inner responses to everyday life and to the objective world she sees around her, besides her more intimate meditations and dreams and her favorite myths and fairy tales.

Lis´s technique is made of purely gestural brushstrokes that create dynamism and tumult in her canvases, capturing the viewer from the very first moment and transporting him directly into her sublime reality, reminding us of the British abstract painter Howard Hodgkin and the Australian expressionist Arthur Boyd.

The lines are basic and essential and offer an almost childlike quality to the subjects, although her ability to depict her figures is outstandingly expressive. The reduction of form and simplicity of outlines highlight her explicit allegorical and poetic nature.

The use of colours is stunning. Lis uses soft, harmonic hues, prevailingly pastel tones, to offer the viewer a most refreshing and joyful experience. The chromatic primacy and combinations of colours only accentuate the meaning and symbolism in her paintings. There is a story behind each artwork that is told through Lis´s artistry and creative talent and imagination. The viewer is overwhelmed by the evocative intensity of her visual narrative and finds himself unconsciously living each story with passionate participation.

Her compositions are fascinating and superbly charming. Her delicate, subtle, generous manner of conveying her most precious feelings is absolutely unique. We are bystanders in the face of a highly talented artist and her compelling and ecstraordinary sensitivity. Her pure spirit and artform are a true and joyful gift to the world of moern abstract painting. (Karen Lappon, International Confederation of Art Critics (ICAC), Chianciano Art Museum


  • 2016: Minerva Prisen, Lecce, Italy.
  • 2016: Canaletto Prize – Associazione Socio Culturale Ea Editore
  • 2016: The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists – for stylistic value. Curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.
  • 2015: Raffaello Sanzio, maestro d´arte associate onorario e benemerito , Lecce, Italy.
  • 2015: Premio della Critica, 2015, Serradifalco.
  • 2014: 1 BIENNALE CREATIVA VERONA, (Palaexpo) PALERMO, ITALIA “Per il valore artistico manifestato. Un talent eccelso e sensibile.” 12-16 febbraio
  • 2014: ROMA: Leonardo Incontra Canova – per il suo valore stilistico, Galleria L´Agostiniana Piazza del Popolo-
  • 2014: Trofeo Artistico Cavalieri Di Malta O.S.J. (Knights of Malta)19-25 luglio.
  • 2011: Diploma of excellence (honorable Award) for the painting “Red Madonna”.
  • 2004, 2006 Outstanding achievement in Amateur Society of Photographers.


  • Engel, Lis, Krop, psyke, verden, Hovedland-University of Copenhagen, 2001.
  • Engel, Lis et al, Bevægelsens PoetikMuseum Tusculanum, 2006
  • Engel, Lis. Dans, Dans, Dans. Frydenlund, 2007.